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The Neighbourhood Cat Campaign

Why are we running this survey?

There are over 10 million pet cats in the UK, but we know we know little about their day-to-day experiences or the contribution they make to our neighbourhoods.

With your help, we want to collect detailed information about how cats live and what they do. 

The survey has been devised by Jon Bowen, animal behaviour consultant at the Royal Veterinary College, to support the Neighbourhood Cat Campaign being organised by Your Cat magazine and SureFlap, the microchip pet door company.

The results will be published in Your Cat magazine and on the SureFlap website, alongside expert guidance on what you can do to improve neighbourhood feline relations in the future. 

Later in the year we will also have a National Cat Watch Day, when we will collect live information to create a snapshot of what thousands of cats are doing around the UK.

Please help us!
We need your help to make this campaign a success!

If you are a cat owner, we want to know about your cat’s behaviour and environment.

If you don’t own a cat, we want to know how having cats in your neighbourhood affects you and how you might like that relationship to change?

Above all, please publicise the link to this survey through any means you can; Twitter, Facebook or emailing the link to friends and family.

The more people complete the survey, which only takes about 10 minutes, the better our picture will be of cats in the UK.